Nobody’s River selected in C&K’s top 10 stories of 2014

Congratulations to the crew and cast of Nobody’s River for being selected in Canoe & Kayak’s top 10 stories of 2014!

Their inspiring story, originally published in July 2014, is timeless reading:

This is the story of how four courageous women in four TRAK kayaks take a journey down the river of life. Here at TRAK we were deeply moved by their story. We had the privilege attending a screening at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival and it is a gem. Watch the trailer here:

The Amur is one of the last free-flowing rivers of the world. On this epic journey, Amber, Sabra, Becca and Krystle discover raw beauty, industrial wastelands, devastating loss, and unbridled joy.

Winner of 5Point Film Festival’s Spirit of Adventure Award, Nobody’s River is being screened at locations in the US, Europe and Canada in 2015. Visit for more information on more about the film, upcoming screenings, or to host a screening.


We’re calling it a tie for the final slot in our Top Ten of 2014 list between two similar distant, well-documented expeditions: the first from the Nobody’s River journey of four women tackling the unknown rivers of Mongolia and China…

Read more:

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