Seeking Nature: A TRAK Owner’s Odyssey

by Peeter Lass – Harju, Estonia

All images ©2014 Peeter Lass used by permission.

Peeter Pic 5 Bonus

My story with TRAK started around a half a year ago during what is normally a strange time of year, late autumn, in Estonia. Typically, people stop kayaking around this time, but I got a feeling that I had to look around and find some good way for my “moving” lifestyle to get close to nature, to fill the “void” and get close to it in a fast and flexible way. It always seems to me that water offers something really magical to discover in life. After some checking online, I decided somehow, that I would contact the folks at TRAK to check what type of vehicle they could offer a “seeker” like me. It turned out that they offered a really good one!

Peeter Pic 4

Since then I have been on the sea almost weekly and non-stop due to a very mild winter. I was also on the sea on December 23rd and on December 31st for some hours. I was able to explore what this time looks like from the sea! At least half the reason for that has been the unique characteristics of the TRAK – it really makes this possibility available – to get out fast, when I hear the call of Nature, without the need for major planning and finding the right time.

Peeter Pic 1On one little cloudy and windy afternoon, I decided to go out to sea again, unsure of the “real reason” for that, but I was drawn to go out paddling.

Peeter Pic 2

After some time, I noticed something bigger than normal out in the distance on a big stone protruding from the sea. I started to get closer and once I got really close, I saw a Sea Eagle “couple” in all their mysterious glory just probably doing their everyday things. They allowed me to get quite close and let me stay in their presence for quite a long period of time. After I have had time to think about this and come to an understanding for myself – that they actually seem to understand these moments much more than me, and they are just letting me be a Seeker and get in touch and notice the magic of moments.

I like to take a camera with me to the sea to be able to share some moments of what Nature so graciously offers for us to catch.

Peeter Pic 3

It is interesting how moments can catch a Seeker. It is difficult to advise, that way of looking – it seems we need to explore what we see and how we see.

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