Across the Atlantic and On the Water in France (in 5 Days)!

Packs Arrived

Ordered Monday, received Friday in France!

We received an order from a new customer in France last Monday. We shipped his two new kayaks from our TRAK HQ in Canada on Tuesday. FedEx delivered them to Jean in France on Friday. Then Jean set them up in his living room! On Sunday, the TRAK had its maiden voyage on the water! Less than one week, full circle! If you speak or read French, you can follow his stories here.

Living Room

Set up on Saturday in Jean’s living room

On the Water

On the water on Sunday!

Here is what Jean said on his blog (first impressions, translated from French using Google Translate): “The TRAK (Seeker) could be considered the ATV kayak (in addition to its ability to be stored in a bag) as it can be two kayaks at once. Through an ingenious system of hydraulics, this Canadian kayak can be more or less a banana! To each his own settings, according to taste, depending on the state of the sea, and everything can be done without leaving the kayak; a great thing! The kayak must be adaptable. Mission accomplished!” ~ Jean, new TRAK owner

We’ve heard that Jean has a lot planned for his TRAK Seeker kayaks. He and his son have a lot of ideas and excitement about their kayaking journeys ahead.

Welcome to TRAK, Jean! The world is your (paddling) oyster…now! We look forward to following you and your son as you paddle beyond borders in France and beyond.

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