TRAK Unleashed: Philippines

Back in the winter of 2011, Austrian doctors Peter Schödl and Nathalie Marik set off on a journey to paddle the mysterious island of Palawan in the southwestern Philippines.Philippines 2011 (7)

This country is surrounded by water, with thousands of islands, some inhabited and some not. They transported their TRAK Folding Kayaks there by planes, boats and ground transportation. What they found at their destination was the journey of a lifeline.

Here is their story!

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After an adventurous trip with an old military jeep we explore the fantastic limestone cliffs  in the bay with our TRAK Folding Kayaks before we paddle along the South China Sea to the south – dense jungles, deserted beaches and exotic lizards are our companions.

Philippines 2011 (3)

The 400-km long and only up to 40 km wide island of Palawan is located to the southwest of the Philippines, between the Sulu Sea (to the south) and the South China Sea (to the north). In addition to the main island are other islands to the province in 1768. Nature is for the most part still intact and consists of mountainous, often impenetrable jungle. In days gone by there was a land connection between Palawan and Borneo. Even today, the similarities in the diverse animal and plant life in it. Palawan is often “the last frontier” – “the last frontier” – called. The development of the island is making progress here too of course, but much, much slower than elsewhere in the Philippines. We will paddle (especially during the second half of our trip) in regions which are probably never been previously kayakers. It stimulates the imagination …

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