New Generation of Folding Kayak Performance – Episode 6 of The TRAK Files

We have just released Episode 6 of The TRAK Files video series! It’s called Jacked on Performance and Durability, and features some characteristics of the TRAK folding kayak that makes it unique and world-class. Jaime Sharp did an amazing job showing the viewers the reasons why the kayak is so durable and what makes it so comparable to hard-shell composite kayaks in speed and performance.

There has been over a decade of engineering, development and investment in making this new generation of folding kayak. We did this to give our customers and TRAK kayak owners a unique and powerful experience on and off the water. We have the set-up (assembly) down to an easy 10-15 minutes which makes it very effective for going out for a quick 1-2 hour paddle on a whim. Once together the TPS tensioning system gives this folding sea kayak the tautness and structure of a hard-shell and allows you to adapt the shape of the hull (rocker and lateral curvature) for the paddling conditions. The key is to watch this episode and see how this all works for yourself! Stay tuned for ‘stunt’ at the end, captured by Jebb Fink on local television….have you ever seen a kayak go off an Olympic Ski jump? See what happens for yourself!

Enjoy your next paddle,

~ Nolin

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