“How-To” Guide for Kayak Travel – Awesome 9-Minute Video Review

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Episode 5 of The TRAK Files video series is here! International TRAK’packing is essentially a “how-to” guide for international kayak travel, packaged into a nice little 9-minute video. One of the great things about kayaking is the ability to explore from the water…a unique vantage point.

Off to the next 'put-in' - Croatia 2010

Off to the next ‘put-in’ – Croatia 2010

If you’re like many people, when you get to one (or many) of these exotic, remote or just simply unique and magical places, you don’t have your kayak with you! Jaime Sharp will take you on an adventure of travel and paddling 6 countries, by plane, train, boats, buses & automobiles. This episode highlights his trips to Panama, Belize, Croatia, Norway, the UK, and Canada, and what he has learned along the way. Jaime has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom on traveling with the TRAK T-1600 performance folding kayak.  At the end of the video, he even shares his ‘secret sauce’ on what it takes to travel with large amounts of expedition gear…enjoy!

Feet up, ready for the next leg of paddling Croatia

Feet up, ready for the next leg of paddling Croatia

Watch this video (below), and if you’re inspired, write down a list of 5 places you’d like to travel to and paddle! (this is to leave room for 5 more that you’ll become aware of after paddling the first five) They say if you write something down with clear intentions and purpose, there is a greater chance of it happening in reality. Get that bucket list down on paper!

Sit back and dream on,

~ Nolin

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