Paddling the “Old” World Anew

It’s -30C here in Western Canada right now…a MAJOR cold snap in an otherwise mild winter thus far. It has many of us here (and in many places in the northern hemisphere) thinking about warmer destinations. At TRAK, we are reminded daily of how seemingly different worlds are being experienced (in our kayaks) simultaneously. Right now, we have one of our paddlers that just got back from paddling Fiordland National Park in New Zealand (lifted their TRAK performance folding kayaks in by helicopter), two TRAK’ers that are RIGHT NOW camped on a fjord in Iceland on a multi-day trip up there (see picture), and two that are down in Panama paddling, filming and romancing an adventure. Any others out there, please chime in!

Jökulsarlon, Iceland 2012

As 2012 has settled in, I’m working on getting our 2012 production ready, as well as working many marketing initiatives, including The TRAK Files video series and the roll out of our new website. The new website has an extensive Customer Service section, with FAQs, common maintenance, tips & tricks, warranty information, and the ability to get answers quickly. We are very committed to provide unparalleled customer service at TRAK. And we really mean it. Ask our customers. Our Dealer Locator and Online Store is also up and running, and we’re taking order for spring & summer 2012 delivery! Plan your sea kayaking adventures now.

Paddling the world and helping people see from the eyes of a kayak is our passion. In service of that, we are considering starting a unique group kayak trip service. We have some paddling destinations in mind, but would love the input from our customers and other adventure paddlers. These kayaks make it easy to get high performance sea kayaks to some pretty unique and sometimes remote locations. Join us on our trips, or if you own a TRAK kayak, then make up your own trips…and get out there and do it. 2012 is the year to take action!

“Warm” regards,

~ Nolin

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