Episode 1 is released! (“Bag, Boat, Freedom”)

Filming - The TRAK Files 2011

Our first episode of The TRAK Files is here. We have worked hard for several months on designing, crafting and planning for a very successful series that will deliver on its intention: To assist paddlers, dealers, guides and our network of followers to really DISCOVER the TRAK performance folding kayaks.

This will be a 7-episode series, and will cover all the areas of the TRAK that are unique and comparable, and give people a reference point for how this kayak might fit into their adventures through paddling. We will really dig in to some of the practical and technical aspects of the boat (the good and the bad), and help the advanced paddlers to wrap their head around how this boat fits in to the plethora of options out there. This series will also allow us to get feedback, ideas and perspectives from the paddling community on what are the challenges, concerns, and ideas for us to consider as we move forward as a company.

In the first episode, you will meet Jaime Sharp, and understand why Jaime is doing what he is doing. Understand how this series has come to be, and what you can expect as we roll it out over the next several months. Enjoy and Happy New Year to everyone! May 2012 be a year to access your inner sacred.

In gratitude,


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